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Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary Resources


Published in 1996, the Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary was produced by the worship committee of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS). The pastors and congregations of the ELS trace their theological lineage through the Norwegian immigration of the nineteenth century and the “old” Synodical Conference to the Evangelical Reformation of Denmark and Lutheran Germany in the sixteenth century. The most immediate parentage of the ELH is The Lutheran Hymnary of 1913 (LHry) and The Lutheran Hymnal of 1941 (TLH).

ELH Infosheet

ELH Overview

ELH Handbook – Biographies and Sources  

ELH Handbook – Hymn Information  

Scripture References for the ELH Hymns

Scripture References for the ELH Liturgies

ELH Altar Book  Resources for the Divine Service that are not printed in the ELH

ELH Music for Liturgy and Hymns  Church music options for congregations without an accompanist

ELH Rite 1  A reformatted version of the Rite 1 liturgy from the ELH, intended to be printed in booklet format (8 1/2 x 11 or larger) and reused week after week.

ELH Made Easier  Simplified music for the liturgies and select hymns of the ELH for beginning pianists and organists.

ELH Liturgy Files  Useful for congregations that print the parts of the liturgy in the bulletin each week.

ELH Hymn Selection Plans  Charts and handouts to help with hymn selection for worship.

1997 Report to the ELS Convention Report of the Worship Committee to the ELS synod convention following the publication of the Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary.

Review of the ELH  Submitted by Rev. David P. Saar for publication in the Lutheran Theological Review.

ELH Divine Service: Rite 3 Liturgy with new music composed by Dr. Alfred Fremder.


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