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Archives of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod

The Archives of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod collects and maintains documents connected with the history of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS) and its predecessor body, the Synod for the Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (Norwegian Synod).

The index to the collection is created to describe the holdings to the subseries level (in effect, to the “box level”), although there are few exceptions where greater detail has been used. For information on specific congregations, pastors, or individuals, please contact the archives staff directly.

General Collection Index

Synod Reports and Convention Essays

Norwegian Synod (click to expand)

Suggested Retention Guidelines for Congregations and the Synod

The Archives is located on the first floor of Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary; 6 Browns Court; Mankato, Minnesota. The Archives is open by appointment only. Access to archival materials is granted through the archivist and research materials must remain in the archives. Contact us through this link:

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