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Veterans Day: A Time to Thank Veterans and Their Families

veteransdayYes, it’s Veterans Day, the day we as a nation “officially” thank our living Veterans and their families. However, we can and should individually and as a church family thank them every day. Why? Because every day is how often we live our lives within this nation’s precious freedoms… including our freedom of worship! The mere time it takes to look a military man or woman in the eye, firmly shake their hand and simply say “thank you” means more than you know……even more so if it’s from a total stranger.

Our Veterans, the men and women who wore or are wearing our nations cloth, are sent to places and put in situations we can’t imagine—nor did they choose. Regardless of how large, small, distant or local, these orders and their contributions are part of our nation’s defense of freedoms: ”some gave all but all give some.” Sums it up, doesn’t it?  And always remember, this includes their families and loved ones!

So, this Veterans Day, please show your caring in the form of prayers, thankyous and support. You and your congregation’s support can also include joining the new ELS & WELS military ministry “Lutheran Military Support Group (LMSG)”. This newly forming military support initiative is dedicated to supporting those serving, those who have served, and their families. Check us out at  Pray that we can help grass root efforts for our military in our back yard and overseas.

In closing, let’s remember, on Veterans Day we thank the living and on Memorial Day we honor the fallen. God’s blessings and your support is our hope. Have a meaningful Veterans Day!

CMC - Denny Behr retiremnt day 1may99

Warmest Regards & Blessings,

Denny “Master Chief” Behr, Navy (retired)
Charter Member of National LMSG Board
Lutheran Military Support Group
“now serving in His service”