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Faith in Action Team

Imagine if 2000 homes around your church received a personal invitation to Easter Sunday worship from a happy, energetic, and youthful Christian! What would be the impact on your congregation? At the very least the community would be more aware of your congregation’s presence in the area, and perhaps you might have visitors who hear the message of Christ’s resurrection, or even new members as a result.

You can do this for your church through a Kingdom Workers Faith in Action (FIA) team. Hope Lutheran Church in Leander, Texas has used a FIA team several times for big outreach events. The first step for Hope was to come up with a specific outreach plan. There are many different options for the team size, length of work, and type of work for a FIA team. We applied for four college age students to canvass and distribute Easter invitation door hangers for the week of Spring break (Friday to the following Saturday). We agreed to provide housing, meals, and local transportation for the students. Some members jumped at the chance to serve as host families! The attractive door hangers were professionally designed well ahead of time. After arriving Friday from the airport, Saturday morning was an evangelism/canvassing training session with Pastor. Saturday afternoon and three and a half days during the week were spent canvassing in two-hour intervals with breaks in between. During the break time the students would highlight names, email addresses, etc., for any prospects that they met, so that Pastor could do future follow up work. The team also enjoyed a recreational day or two exploring the sights of Austin.

Although many of the blessings from these efforts might be hidden from our eyes, the Lord has also given Hope tangible blessings, including the baptism of a whole family about six months after a FIA student knocked on their door! Perhaps a FIA team is a great way for your congregation to invite others to hear the Gospel of our Savior, Christ Jesus!