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Panic Not, Pray Instead

You have probably heard during the renewed threat of the Coronavirus epidemic that we should develop good hand washing routines. Part of that routine is that we should wash our hands up to 20 seconds. Suggestions are given to recite various well-known secular memorized verses, like “Happy Birthday” which take that long to sing or speak. Christians, we have the Lord’s Prayer, which takes about 20 seconds to speak up to the seventh petition – “… deliver us from evil”. It is a good practice to pray this prayer often, which in all its petitions help us focus on what our gracious Lord promises to do for us in our times of need. After speaking this treasured prayer aloud (or whisper), then dry your hands while speaking the closing doxology – “… for Thine is the kingdom … Amen.”

-From our ELS brothers and sisters in the state of Washington