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“I’m justified, right?” It’s the most pressing question that comes from the deepest sense of longing for acceptance. We seek to be justified among our peers, to be “on the same level.” We self-justify. We justify our beliefs. We justify our actions. We justify our attitudes. We even justify our styles and choices. We justify our lack of acceptance and peace by casting the blame on others. Finally, we all justify our sins:

“My sins aren’t as bad as theirs.” We might confess our sins, but then we turn around and we find someone who we think has sinned more.  That’s how we satisfy our deep longing for acceptance. We put a band-aid on our conscience and tell ourselves I’m not as bad as someone else. 

But what we’re really doing when we self-justify is casting away the only Person who can justify us. Jesus justifies us. Jesus justifies me.
He justifies me from the outside. Nothing necessary on my part, which makes me absolutely free.

The 2024 Lutheran Youth Association Convention will explore the freedom that comes from being justified outside of ourselves.

The setting of Chicago will form the backdrop to these topics and will allow us the opportunity to explore, and even serve, the city.

Highlights of the 2024 LYA Youth Convention include…

The Chapel at our host location, CUC
Daily Matins or Vespers at LYA

Morning & Evening Chapel Services and Sunday Divine Service

Daily services in the beautiful Chapel of our Lord at Concordia University Chicago. Sunday Divine Service (holy communion celebrated) at CUC presided over by St. Timothy Lutheran Church (ELS), Lombard, IL, and her pastor.

The LYA ’24 icon
Keynote Presentation

Two “Justified” Keynotes

We will have two Keynote Presentations this year on the huge topic what it means to be “Justified.” Rev. David Locklair and Prof. Pete Bloedel will be speakers.

The Museum of Science & Industry
Chicago Skyline


Choose one of two excursions: 1) Explore downtown Chicago, or 2) the Museum of Science and Industry.

Downtown Chicago will requires lots of walking (about a mile walk to the train station, plus exploring downtown). Those who chose to explore downtown, will take the Green Line to downtown Chicago together as a large group. The Museum of Science and Industry, while expansive, is more contained. Direct transportation will be provided via bus.

Sectionals by ELS Clergy
Panel Discussion from Keynote Speakers & Professionals

Sectionals & Panel Discussion

Sectionals taught by ELS clergy and Board for Youth Outreach members and “MasterClasses” covering a wide range of subjects, taught by Bethany Professors.

We look forward to seeing you at the ELS Youth Convention from Thursday, July 25 – Sunday, July 28, 2024!

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