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Field Visit to South America #3

In the city of Longavi, Chile, families that can afford it place their children in private schools.  That leaves poorer children in the public schools, where 80% are considered “at risk” because of financial or family issues. Kingdom Workers, an organization which facilitates volunteerism in mission settings, has placed Arron Landgraff and Seth Hanson as English teachers in the Longavi school district.  According to Mayor Mario Briones and his assistant Juan Carlos, students, parents and local teachers are all enthusiastic about their work.

The Kingdom Workers’ teachers also support the ongoing English as Foreign/Second Language program Chelsea Dietsche operates at the ELA mission in nearby Linares, Chile.  Chelsea teaches 30+ students English.  Our goal: together with Arron and Seth, Chelsea develops personal relationships with their students and their families.  Eventually, opportunities for witness arise, invitations to worship are extended, and, as God blesses, prospects for membership are nurtured in Christian faith.

Support for these young American volunteers in our mission can be offered through the ELS World Outreach program.

Missionary Tim Erickson has served ELS missions in South America for over 30 years.  He supervises the entire work of the ELS mission in Chile, but laymen play a very active role. Typically, three Sundays each month are led by members who are studying to become bi-vocational pastors someday. The Linares congregation has taken responsibility for remodeling its small worship quarters.  The entrance has been renovated, and the congregation has saved enough money to embark on the next project: a bell tower.  When that’s done, members will begin saving the $8,000 needed to expand the sanctuary.

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