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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Light for My Path Daily Devotion

Bible Reading

“For I the Lord do not change.”  (Malachi 3:6 ESV)

Hymn ELH 181:1,5 Of the Father’s Love Begotten

Of the Father’s love begotten
Ere the worlds began to be,
He is Alpha and Omega,
He the Source, the Ending He,
Of the things that are, that have been,
And that future years shall see
Evermore and evermore.

Christ, to Thee, with God the Father,
And, O Holy Ghost, to Thee
Hymn and chant and high thanksgiving
And unending praises be,
Honor, glory, and dominion,
And eternal victory
Evermore and evermore.


Gracious, changeless Father, thank You for showing me mercy by forgiving my sins through Your only Son, Jesus Christ. In His name I pray.  Amen.