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Consider Your Future

future_thumbnailFor as many years as I can remember, the phrase “America is at a crossroads” has been used prior to a presidential election, pitting one candidate against another and one ideology against another. But in reality, the phrase ceased to be true a long time ago.

American society has traveled beyond the crossroads. At some point in the last few decades, our society chose a path: the wide and straight path to destruction. As a society, we have abandoned traditional morality based on natural law for an emotion-based individual morality that quickly changes based on one’s thoughts and feelings. Nothing is wrong and nothing is right. We can only say, “It’s right for me.” If we dare to tell someone they are wrong, we are immediately labeled a “hater.” There is no room for discussion, no room for debate, because there is no room for absolute truth. The road continues to widen and slope downhill, so we, as a society, continue to stumble faster and faster toward our fate.

All is not lost, though. Not everyone has chosen that road. There is still a large segment of our society that has not left the intersection where the roads diverge. They still stand at the crossroads with one foot on the steep and rocky path, calling out to their friends, family, and neighbors, pleading with them to return. That segment are Christians who have not succumbed to the lies of Satan and who not only want the country to return to traditional morals, but want all those who have chosen the path to Hell to turn from that path and live through faith in Jesus as their Savior.

That segment of Christians is faced with a challenging task this year: voting for a presidential candidate. We look at the character of the two major candidates and we may wonder how we can choose. One of them likely will be president. While we may not personally like either of these candidates, we need to look not only at their personalities and behavior, but also at what they claim to represent. We cannot see into anyone’s heart. We can look at what they claim and what they do. There are important issues for Christians at stake in this race, and we dare not give in to our own emotions, but instead face the realities of our nation both today and in the future.

We are not electing a spiritual leader. We are electing a government leader. But that government leader can have a profound impact on the work of the Christian Church and the lives of Christians. We have recently seen hostility in some areas of our government toward Christian beliefs if those beliefs are based on God’s Word and seek to follow that Word. We have seen that hostility reflected in new laws and how those laws are enforced. We have seen government agencies attempt to coerce Christians into actions that violate their consciences. No president can do this on their own. But the president generally sets the tone and the path of the country.

There are many considerations when choosing a candidate, from personal safety to the economy. Each may hold varying degrees of importance to each voter. But as Christians, one of the primary considerations must be our future and the future of our children in this nation. As we choose our nation’s leader, please pray for guidance both for you and for our nation. Consider what your vote will mean for your future as a Christian in this country and what it will mean for the future of the Christian Church in our nation. And no matter the election outcome, we pray that the Gospel of Christ may have free course for the glory of God and the salvation of many souls. And, as always, we pray, “Let God’s will be done.”


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