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Check Your Weight – It’s Holy Week!

This most holy of weeks during the year is a great time to do a check-up on our spiritual weight scale!


Here are the hard facts, but especially the sweet factor:

“We Christians should know that if God is not in the scale to give it weight, we, on our side, sink to the ground. I mean it this way: if it cannot be said that God died for us, but only a man, we are lost; but if God’s death and a dead God lie in the balance, his side goes down and ours goes up like a light and empty scale. Yet he can also readily go up again, or leap out of the scale! But he could not sit on the scale unless he had become a human being like us, so that it could be called God’s dying, God’s martyrdom, God’s blood, and God’s death. For God in his own nature cannot die; but now that God and man are united in one person, it is called God’s death when the man dies who is one substance or one person with God” (Formula of Concord, Article VIII, 44).

Rejoice! For each of us, the weight of sin has been removed by the mighty and weighty Son of God at the cross of Calvary!

-President John Moldstad