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Catechism Introduction and Contents

The Small Catechism

by Dr. Martin Luther


For over nearly five centuries, the Small Catechism has served as the basic instruction book for the church bearing the name of the great Reformer, Martin Luther.  Its staying power goes beyond love for tradition.  The Catechism directs us to clear passages from God’s Word.  It distinguishes carefully between the two chief teachings of the Bible: the Law and the Gospel.  It also points to the only source for spiritual life, the Means of Grace: the Word and Sacraments.  Students ls2of the Catechism should be led to see the importance of the truths from God’s Word for their lives and should grow in their deep appreciation for all that the Lord Jesus Christ has done as their Savior.


Part 1:  The Ten Commandments

Part 2:  The Apostle’s Creed

Part 3:  The Lord’s Prayer

Part 4:  Baptism

Part 5:  The Office of the Keys and Confession

Part 6:  The Lord’s Supper

Prayers for Daily Use

Table of Duties

Christian Questions and Answers