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Arming For What’s Ahead

It seems wherever we turn Christianity is under attack. 147 students of Christ are murdered at a Kenyan university. Terrorizing of Christians continues in Iraq and Syria. Here at home, Indiana and Arkansas are pressured to back-peddle on “freedom of religion” legislation. The debate continues on whether Christian business owners may refuse for the sake of conscience to offer their services for ceremonies they regard as immoral (e.g., gay weddings). Does the national mood on this portend an inevitable assault on confessional Bible-believing churches? Will tax-exempt status be revoked for any religious institutions that address homosexuality as sin?

The world presses in on the Christian community, striving to suffocate its life-breath and making the proclamation of God’s Word almost impossible. The cultural sea change on how the public perceives homosexuality and same-sex marriage means a really tough rowing arm is needed against the tidal wave generated by secular progressives. Especially affected are the young people, even many from our own churches and church schools. If the corrosive cultural creep comes stealthily and quickly through peer pressure, is it not of highest importance to have our own youth mixing with fellow comrades who believe, confess and live according to biblical principles and who are covered daily by the certainty of Christ’s forgiving love?

The weight swinging against Christianity is progressively heavy. But there is a weightier arm that carries the burden of day! That arm was shown at Easter. That powerful right arm was shown at Ascension. That arm of the Sower scattering the Seed of God’s Word was shown at Pentecost and still is being wielded.

The factual truth of Christ’s resurrection proves the validity of the entire Christian faith. No teaching of Holy Scripture will ever let us down. Heaven and earth will pass, but the words of Jesus will endure. His ascending into heaven means he rules with his divine glory over all things for the benefit of his believers. And Pentecost reminds us how God the Holy Spirit still is at work in our world as he convicts people of sin, converts sinners to saving faith in the Redeemer, and changes hearts and minds to follow the new way of life.

Believers in the Savior need not worry or despair as we pray for the future work of the church and strive mightily to teach our young and old alike the teachings of the Bible. God is in control and has a plan for the spread of his Word until the day of our Lord Jesus’ great return. When Moses was tempted to give up as he led Israel wandering in the wilderness, didn’t God ask him a stop-and-think rhetorical question? He asked Moses: “Is the Lord’s arm too short?” (Numbers 11:23)

The church is well-armed!


Rev. John A. Moldstad