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Suggested Activities for Youth Groups

Have the youth record a commercial for your church .

T-shirts for Missions
Create hand painted T-shirts to send to a mission in their own language.

Splash Party
Find a local dive shop and have them put on a scuba experience for the kids.

Movie Night
Go to a show and or arcade, or just rent videos at someones home. It’s cheap and can be fun.

Take a Tour
A local TV station, Fire Station, the FAA even allows groups to tour a Control Tower at an airport, Capital Buildings, Museums, etc…

Public Service
Have the group visit a retirement center, humane society or animal shelter, adopt a highway program, etc.

Host a Neighboring Youth Group
Invite a youth group from a neighboring city or state to come and visit.

Miscellaneous Ideas
Nature walks, horseback riding, challenge other churches to a bowling tournament or golf/miniture golf or basketball or baseball…

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