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World Outreach: Latvia

Our Work in Latvia

The Confessional Lutheran Church of Latvia (CLCL) grew from the efforts of ELS professors who presented lectures on theology in Riga beginning with the 1990. Some who attended the lectures became committed to confessional Lutheran theology. The Augsburg Institute was founded to further the cause, teaching, writing, translating confessional literature etc.

Although the Augsburg Institute no longer exists and the educational work is more focused on our own people, the mission work is still going on and currently a theological education program for pastors has also been started in our church, which includes three theological students.

In total, the Latvian Confessional Lutheran Church has about 450 parishioners and 5 congregations, which are led by 6 pastors under the leadership of superintendent Gundars Bākulis. The congregations own two church buildings, one residential house converted for the needs of the church, one congregation rents premises, and one is a home congregation.

Together with our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world, we are not alone and confidently continue to believe and teach the saving message of the Gospel.

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