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World Outreach: Korea

After training at Bethany Seminary in Mankato, MN, Pastor SungGyu (Samuel) Choi has served at Seoul Lutheran Church (SLC) in Seoul, South Korea since 2015. Pastor SungGyu Choi serves as Senior Pastor in SLC, his main job is serving Korean congregation and also serves as the director of the Seoul Lutheran Theological Institute (SLTI) in Korea and the principal of Canaan Lutheran Academy (CLA).

Pastor David Choi has served as the Associate Pastor of SLC and Eastern Asian Missionary in 2021 after training at Bethany Seminary in Mankato, MN. He offers the English Service every Sunday and works on evangelical work toward East Asia. 

Catechism instruction classes are offered in bilingual languages (Korean and English). SLC use Luther’s Small Catechism (translated into Korean) and the “Communicating Christ” WELS program for training and teaching the Lutheran members in Korea. The ELS booklet “We Believe, Teach and Confess” has also been translated into Korean and is used in instruction.

SLC is located in the Eastern Part of the city of Seoul and has sent over 250 Korean students to US Lutheran high schools through Canaan Lutheran Academy (CLA) in the church since 2006. 

SLC has a vision to establish a Domestic Lutheran School in near future so that provides opportunities for teenagers from Korea, China, and other Asia areas to receive a Christian education, build up Christian characters, and prepare themselves to be global leaders for the future.