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World Outreach: Czech Republic

Our Work in Czech Republic

The communists were very effective at suppressing Christianity in the Czech Republic– so successful in fact that most Czechs are atheists. When Thoughts of Faith sent missionaries there in the early 1990’s, nearly all people who came to the church had no knowledge of Christianity. They lived “having no hope and without God in the world” (Ephesians 2:12)

For many years, Thoughts of Faith provided missionaries and teachers to the mission in Plzen, Czech Republic.  The result is St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, which worships in the Chapel of Martin Luther School.  The school numbers over 200 students. With its reputation for superior education, it is the chief means of contact with Czech prospects.  Many children have been baptized and their families reached through the work of the school.
Currently the ELS is providing volunteer English teachers to the school for three-month sessions (March-May and September-November).  In 2011 a summer Vacation Bible School also provides volunteer opportunities.

The Czech church is served by Rev. Petr Krakora and Rev. Martin Vrsecky, who were ordained in 2009 following years of instruction by ELS missionaries.

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