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What’s in Your Glass?

Stained glass has been incorporated into church architecture for centuries. It has been used to teach, inspire and beautify. What’s in your glass? From now until the end of the year, you can share photos of the stained glass from your church or other churches. We’ll post them on our blog and share them on social media each week! Here are “the rules”:

1.The photo must belong to you or you must have the owner’s permission to share it.

2.By sharing your photo(s), you are giving the ELS permission to post it on the ELS website and on social media.

3.You retain all other rights to your photo(s).

4.Photos should be a minimum of 2048 pixels on their largest side (bigger is OK). We may crop or resize photos as needed.

5.We reserve the right not to publish any photo or caption containing teachings not compatible with the Bible and ELS doctrine.

Simply email your photo(s), along with a brief description of the window’s content (what it teaches, etc.) and who should receive credit for the photo (photographer’s name) to:


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