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Update from Ternopil- News from Ukraine

All is quiet and calm after yesterdays agreement in Kyiv. Protestors will remain on the Maidan in Kyiv until all agreements are followed through on and the opposition leaders plan to move forward with documents to submit to have the President resign now so that early elections can be called quickly rather than waiting until December. uk14_1

The panic seen earlier in the week here in Ternopil seems to have abated. There had been long lines for fuel, at the banks, stores selling out of staples and as Nick had said, “people hunkering down.” Today the market is in full swing, and businesses back to normal work hours. It was interesting to see a group of about 50 out patrolling the streets ensuring that hooligans do not attempt to take advantage of the situation and use it as an excuse to plunder. The city Mayor, Nadal is a personal friend, as well as, a friend to Gift of Life. His family utilized the services of MCOW in it’s early years when medical and dental care was all but none existent after the collapse of the Soviet Union. This was the time when Ukraine became an “Unexpected Nation” without an infrastructure.

Trains are running from all areas of the country to Kyiv and the main roads have been unblocked although there are more frequent police stops.

I am thankful that Nick had the foresight to ensure funds, withdraw dollars, fuel up all vehicles along with a surplus supply, fill all propane tanks for cookers, have me order medical/dental supplies well in advance and secure the usual household staples along with added water. Our summer kitchen has a fireplace and Nick keeps firewood stacked. So, we and GoL are well provisioned. The staff are absolutely fantastic. The technical crew took the initiative earlier in the week with unrest here in Ternopil to station themselves as added security at the big garage where the buses are located and life center. Ivan, our Doberboy, is our security but frankly speaking we weren’t even aware of the destruction to the police station etc. until the next morning when staff alerted us. Our neighborhood is quite secure with the police station for the area just up the street.

-Kerry Laper