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Worldview Conference

Members at Faith Lutheran Church sponsored their inaugural San Antonio Biblical Worldview Conference February 6-7, 2015. About 75 attended (high school and college students, parents, teachers, pastors, and others), coming from a variety of churches (WELS, ELS, LCMS, and a number of non-Lutherans), and traveling from as far away as Austin, Houston, Dallas, Weatherford, Del Rio, and even one couple from Minnesota.

Each of the five presentations was about 90 minutes long. (The conference was conducted as a free conference due differences in fellowship among the presenters.) They included:

  • “The Biblical and Christian Worldview” (Rev. David Jay Webber)
  • “The Postmodern Coup and Real Persecution” (Rev. David C. Thompson)
  • “When False Worldviews Mess with Your Church” (Rev. Chris Rosebrough)
  • “Origins … from Genesis to Revelation” (Dr. Joel Heck)
  • “A Defensible Christianity: Contending for and Sharing the Christian Faith in Today’s Culture” ( Daniel van Voorhis)

The purpose of the conference was to educate members at Faith on the topic of worldviews and apologetics (30 of the 75 attendees were members), provide sound biblical information to members of the Christian community at large, and to reach out to Christians of other fellowships and denominations who might be looking for a church that understands the times, offers Jesus Christ as the only real hope, and is firmly grounded in the inerrant Word of God.

Faith is planning to have the entire conference on its website (YouTube) and have each individual presentation available on DVD.

The members of Faith are looking forward to and have begun to plan another worldview conference next year.

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