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Free Lemonade

On the first day of class at George Jenkins High School in Lakeland, Florida, the members of Peace Lutheran Church found a way to reach out as students were dismissed from classes. Since Peace is located at the entrance to the high school, at 1:45pm every day cars are lined up waiting for students in front of the school and Peace. This gave Pastor Peter Heyn an idea.

Recalling a similar project he was involved in with Wisconsin Lutheran Chapel in Madison, Wisconsin, Pastor Heyn thought that handing out lemonade to students and those waiting for them would be a good outreach project. Four and a half gallons of lemonade were prepared. Special “wraps” were printed with the church’s information and attached to the paper cups. Pastor Heyn and five members of the church handed out cups of lemonade to about 250 people.

“The people were surprised,” said Pastor Heyn. “One lady said she had never seen something like this done. Some were skeptical, but as more and more people accepted our free lemonade, the fears died away. …The general response was a big smile and a heartfelt ‘thank you.’”

Regardless of whether anyone ever visits Peace as a result of this project, Pastor Heyn says it was worthwhile: “I felt that this was a tremendous opportunity for us to reflect Christ’s love by performing a simple act of love for others.”

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