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Christmas For Kids

Pastor Nick Proksch, currently serving River Heights Lutheran – East Grand Forks, MN, has helped plan and implement a number of outreach-minded events. One that seemed to be popular was “Christmas for Kids” (CFK). A few of the highlights of planning for this event follow.

  • Set the date: Usually a Saturday or two before Christmas seems to work best. A two-hour time slot was the normal time scheduled. (Make sure many/most of your church families will be able to attend.)
  • Publicity: Postcard invitations could be sent as a blanket mailing, to your prospect list, or both. Mail invites 1-2 weeks in advance.
  • Web site: Make sure the church’s web site is updated with the CFK information.
  • Activities: A mix of crafts/games and a Bible lesson or two should suffice. The crafts should connect somehow to the Bible lesson. Potential crafts: ornaments, making something Christmas-y out of candy, snow globes, and gingerbread churches.
  • Volunteers: Make sure an ample number of volunteers are on hand to help! Volunteers can also assist in publicity and planning the crafts.
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