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President’s Report


The past year has been one full of anxiety and trials for our Synod with its congregations, pastors, and many individual members. What the coming year has in store for us, thank God, we do not know. What shall we do to fortify ourselves against a possible continuation of the trying times? Shall we grovel with backs bent and faces earthward?

A certain small group of forlorn Christians were once asked: “Why stand ye gazing up into heaven?” They gazed up because a cloud had received their Lord and Savior out of their sight. They did not throw themselves prostrate on the ground in despair, but continued to gaze upward where He had gone who held their heart’s love and trust. And they were rewarded, for while they yet gazed they received the cheering assurance from angel messengers that He should in like manner return.

And so, dear assembled brethren, pastors and delegates, and guests, let us raise our faces and hearts to heaven. Our Savior, Lord, and King is there at the right hand of God the Father, and He continually prays for the Church He has purchased with His blood. He is fully aware of our struggles and the trials and troubles of all His children. He can open and He can close the “windows of Heaven.” He can withhold and He can pour out blessings. ‘His favor is as dew upon the grass.”

May such dew fall upon this our Convention!

H. M. Tjernagel