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Prayer for Our Nation

Lord, teach us to know how unworthy we are of Your many and great benefits toward us. Grant us humility and submission, and preserve us from the wicked spirit of selfishness and bitterness. Give us true freedom in our hearts, that we may gladly honor and obey those in authority over us, and willingly pay them the tax they impose on us. Bless our rulers and all others whom You have appointed over us. Give them wisdom, justice, and strength, and let their work prosper for the benefit of the people. God, we thank You for this, Your wondrous grace, that for so long You have blessed us with the glorious benefits of freedom and peace. We pray You sincerely: drive out dissension, the wicked spirit that threatens us, and grant us yet for a long time to live a peaceable and quiet life in all godliness and reverence (1 Timothy 2:2). Receive our thanks, and hear our prayer for Jesus’ sake. Amen. (from Laache’s Book of Family Prayer, p. 670)

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