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Prayer for Our Brothers and Sisters in Ukraine

Father in Heaven, have mercy upon us and hear our prayer. We  come before You on behalf of our brothers and sisters in the faith in the country of Ukraine. We ask that You provide safety and peace to our staff working in Your Name for Gift of Life, as well as the people they serve. Grant them strength of faith, reminding them that no matter the circumstances, You are with them. We also pray for our brothers and sisters in the Ukrainian Lutheran Church. Preserve their faith, strengthen their leaders, pastors and members, that they may show the light of the Gospel in this dark time to all people. Finally, we ask that You change the hearts of those who would cause war and destruction. Lead them to turn from violence and seek peace with their neighbors. Let Your Word be the guide of all and cause it to spread to all people, bringing the peace that comes only through Your Son, Jesus Christ. In His name we pray. Amen.

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