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O Give Thanks!

Praise the Lord. Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his mercy endures forever. (Psalm 106:1 EHV)

We give thanks for the many blessings God has given to our Evangelical Lutheran Synod! Let Us Give Thanks to God For:Our mission in Chile: for the believers in Chile and the church leaders.

  • Our mission in Peru: for the Peruvian pastors, teachers, and members in Lima and Chimbote, in the mountain churches, and in the Amazon jungle.
  • Our mission in South Korea: for the members and pastors as they reach out to their neighbors.
  • Our mission in India: for the national pastors and seminary students and for the thousands who are hearing the pure Gospel through them.
  • Our mission in the Czech Republic: Pastor Petr Krakora and Pastor Martin Vrsecky, and the teachers at the Martin Luther School in Plzen.
  • The pastors and congregations of the Confessional Lutheran Church in Latvia, as they proclaim Christ crucified.
  • The Gift of Life program in Ukraine as they bring help, healing and the Gospel to the people.
  • The faithful work that the members of the ELS Boards for World Outreach and Home Outreach do as they oversee the mission work which God has given our synod to do.
  • The ELS Board for World Outreach Administrator, the Rev. Thomas Heyn.
  • The support of the ELS Women’s Missionary Societies towards Cross-stitch and mission projects.
  • The pastors and their families in our home mission congregations as they work to build up the spiritual body of Christ in our nation.
  • Our newest home mission congregations: Hope Lutheran in Leander, Texas (Pastors Brad Kerkow and Daniel Ruiz), Divine Mercy Lutheran in Weatherford, Texas (Pastor James Kassera), Cristo Rey Lutheran in Bell Gardens, California (Pastor Matt Behmer).
  • The ELS Evangelism/Missions Counselor, Rev. Larry Wentzlaff.
  • The faithful professors, staff, and president Dr. Gene Pfeiffer—all those who devote their lives to instructing our young people at Bethany Lutheran College.
  • Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary, its president Gaylin Schmeling and professors Nicholas Proksch and Timothy Schmeling, and especially for the students who are preparing to enter the work of proclaiming the Gospel.
  • The dedicated Christian Day School teachers in our synod who teach students to know and trust in God’s Word.
  • The many people who continue to teach Sunday Schools in our congregations.
  • The faithful laymen and laywomen who continue to believe in God’s true Word and serve their Lord diligently in their congregations.
  • The administration, staff, and Circuit Visitors of our Evangelical Lutheran Synod.
  • The member church bodies of the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference who are working to spread the Gospel in the world.
  • The Gospel’s joyful promise of eternal life through Jesus.