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My Truth, Your Truth, and THE Truth

“I’m following my truth.” Have you heard or said something similar to this? It’s become quite popular to say that you’re living “your truth.” Should I live “my truth?” What if “your truth” and “my truth” disagree? Whose truth do we follow? And how many “truths” are there?

Navigating the ever-changing terminology of contemporary culture can easily lead to confusion, doubt, and despair. If our “truth” is what we think, how we feel, or what currently makes us happy, we are setting ourselves up for never-ending problems.

In the Bible, Pontius Pilate infamously asks Jesus, “What is truth?” (John 18:38) He is implying that objective truth does not exist, ignoring the truth standing before him. In this account, Pilate promotes the same thinking so popular today: that there is no objective truth or that we decide our own truth.

If something is objectively true, it is always true and is never untrue. In other words, truth never changes based on what you or I think. Jesus very clearly tells us where to find truth. Praying to God, His Father, He says, “Your Word is truth.” God’s Word, the Bible, is truth. Objective truth. Everything from a six-day creation, a worldwide flood, and the Ten Commandments to the Virgin birth, the death of our Savior on the cross to pay for the sins of the world, and His physical resurrection from the dead are truth. Objective truth. Every teaching of the Bible is true.

Of course, not everyone believes in the truth of God’s Word. But the truth of God’s Word does not depend on what we think, how we feel, or what makes us happy. “Your truth” and “my truth” don’t really exist. The truth of God and His Word exist and are objective truth.

That truth should bring us real comfort because it not only tells us that we, by nature, are condemned by God for our sins; it also tells us that, by His mercy, our Savior Jesus Christ has taken those sins on Himself, paying for them with His life. By God’s grace, through faith in Jesus, you are declared innocent and given eternal life.

Thank God that truth does not depend on us!






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