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ELS Military Monument


The ELS Military Monument will be dedicated during the ELS convention on Tuesday, June 20, at 11:30 a.m. The monument is located on the campus of Bethany Lutheran College east of the Ronald Young Gymnasium off of Division Street. All are invited to attend. The ceremony will also be recorded and can be viewed at a later time once it is posted.

The goal of this project is to construct a beautiful tribute to our veterans on Bethany Lutheran College campus. The monument will serve to honor any and all veterans and ensure that this and future generations will be aware of the cost of the freedoms they enjoy as citizens of our great nation through this God-pleasing vocation of warrior. The ELS Military Monument Committee has established a Veteran’s Day 2020 through Memorial Day 2021 Matching Funds Challenge. We invite all donors to double the impact of their offering from Nov. 11, 2020 – May 31, 2021. We already have commitments of a $32,600 match and expect in the weeks to come that we will be increasing this amount and will announce periodically when the match amount is increased. These donors are challenging us in the ELS and beyond to give to this worthwhile project. Please consider a generous (tax deductible) contribution to be matched dollar for dollar during this designated time period. (While not part of this match offer, we continue to encourage contributions honoring individual veterans with engraved pavers, benches and branch pillars to be part of the site. Ordering information at the links below.

Donate to the Military Monument Project

Military Monument Rationale:

  • To honor past and current veterans in ELS congregations; BLC Alumni; and friends of the ELS and BLC.
  • To value military vocations in our midst according to our Lutheran understanding as taught in the Fourth & Fifth Commandments, First Article, Fourth Petition, and Table of Duties.
  • To contribute to a clear confession of the Biblical role of government power in the world under God.
  • To encourage the consideration and pursuit of military service among young Christian men and women in our midst.
  • To show support to BLC and BLTS students who also serve in the Reserves/Guard/National Guard.
  • To have a place for programs of recognition and services of prayer on or around Memorial Day, Veterans Day and other appropriate occasions.
  • To establish a military/veteran page on ELS/BLC websites with pertinent information collected both in the ELS Archives and Museum for recognition and research.
  • To have a rallying point of encouragement for any future ROTC students that may eventually be enrolled at BLC.