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Life without Life

As a nation and society, we seem to be bouncing day by day between immoral, shocking, untrue and almost-unbelievable news stories. Truth is twisted and mixed with lies and gossip and simmered in a pot of anger and hostility. There seems to be no end to Satan’s attacks these days, making not only Christians, but anyone with common sense wonder “what’s next?”

If you haven’t been watching closely, you may have missed the latest foray into the bizarre labyrinth of modern thinking. Two videos have been published online purporting to show doctors who work for Planned Parenthood bargaining with undercover activists over the cost of human body parts abortion clinics can provide to researchers. Although Planned Parenthood officially says the “tissue” is donated, the videos clearly show that money is involved in the transaction. It appears that various organs from dead babies are being sold. Shocking? Yes.

But, should we be shocked? Doctors who perform abortions regularly tear apart living, unborn babies or kill them in a variety of other ways. Planned Parenthood unabashedly promotes the destruction of human life through abortion. Should we be shocked, then, that doctors working for them are willing to deal in the body parts of those they have killed? Behold, the wicked man conceives evil and is pregnant with mischief and gives birth to lies. (Psalm 7:14 ESV)

This is what abortionists would like us to believe: that life begins at an arbitrary time, decided by mothers, doctors and activists. Prior to that, a “fetus” is only a lump of cells. That arbitrary time could be at three months gestation, or nine months, as long as the “fetus” isn’t born, doesn’t breathe, etc. But, if a “fetus” is only a lump of cells until it is born, how can these doctors promise intact organs to researchers wishing to purchase them?

The shock to me is not the fact this discussion takes place over lunch, just like a normal business deal. It’s not the callous way in which the doctors talk about the remains of a child who has been legally murdered in between bites of salad. Or how money is so clearly offered and accepted for the organs of a child who has been killed by dismemberment. The shock to me is that so few seem to be shocked.

We seem to have arrived at a place in which life no longer matters to many. We are living in a time of life without life—people live but give no thought to the lives of others. Body parts of slaughtered children can be bought and sold without a thought, between the salad and entrée at a restaurant. Jokes can be made about funding an exotic sports car with the revenue. And very few care.

Christians cannot become callous and uncaring in the face of this evil. We must continue to witness to the truth that life comes from God and all lives are precious to Him. We must stand up to the evil that would destroy the most vulnerable among us in the name of convenience or progress. We must help the women who have been caught up in the lies of the abortion industry and who now have to deal with the aftermath of their decisions. We need them to see that there is saving relief for sorrowing guilt through the holy, precious blood of a Savior who was conceived and born for all sinners. And we, as Christians, need to provide alternatives to murder through adoption and other caring ministries.

You formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139:13-14 ESV) Life begins at conception. Each child conceived is a gift from God. Please continue to pray for everyone involved. Pray for the mothers who believe they have no options besides aborting their children. Pray for our nation, that God will move their hearts to reject the senseless killing of children. Pray for our government’s leaders, that they will stand up to pressure and do what is moral and just in the eyes of God. And pray for the abortion providers, that God would lead them to repentance, that they may stand before Him in the final judgment cleansed of their sins through faith in Jesus.


 If you have not seen the videos, they can be viewed by clicking here and here.



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