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Field Visit to South America #2

We were guests for “onces” (a light early evening meal preceding a later supper) in the home of Patricia and Alejandro.  These members of the La Cisterna congregation host a Wednesday evening Bible study.  They came to our church from an evangelical congregation where emotional theology and worship was the norm.  They found the commitment to the Word of God they desired at our Lutheran mission.  One way they demonstrate their gratitude for God’s grace in Christ is to show kindness to Santiago’s homeless population – they bring coffee and stockings to people living on the streets.  Stockings?  Yes, because people’s feet get cold in winter.

The congregation in Puente Alta worships in a residence converted for worship.  Vicar Guillermo Rus serves a small group here in addition to his secular work as a pipe fitter.

You may have noticed that the mailing address for our missionaries in South America is located in Miami.  A postal service there receives and collects mail, and then forwards the package to an “Expressit” office where the missionaries pick it up.

In Santiago we met two friends of our Chile mission: Cristobal Stange and Luciano Torres.  Luciano is a special friend of Chelsea Dietsche, who teaches English as a Foreign Language for our mission in Linares.  He lives and works for a technology company in Santiago.  Cristobal is a 2002 graduate of Bethany Lutheran College.  He owns and operates a medical supply company distributing neuro-surgical supplies in Peru, Chile and Argentina. Recently relocated to Santiago, we hope he will renew his relationship with our mission.

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