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Lay Preaching

Adopted by the Synod in 1862, ending a controversy on lay preaching for the constituents of the Norwegian Synod. For more information, see “Grace for Grace” p. 137 and following.
1.  God has instituted the public ministerial office for the public edification of the Christians unto salvation by the Word of God.
2.  God has not instituted any other office for the public edification of the Christians to be used along-side of the public ministerial office.
3.  When a man assumes the direction of the public edification of the Christians by the Word, he thereby assumes and exercises the public ministerial office.
4.  It is a sin when a person assumes this (office) without a call or without need.
5.  It is both a right and a duty in case of actual need for anyone who is capable of doing so to exercise the public ministerial office in a Christian and orderly manner.
6.  The only correct definition of “need” is that there exists a need when a pastor is not at hand and cannot be secured; or when, if there is a pastor, he either does not serve the people properly but teaches false doctrine, or cannot serve them adequately but only so rarely that the people cannot thereby be brought to faith or be kept in it and be defended against errors, so that the Christian must faint for lack of care.
7.  When such need exists, efforts should be made to relieve it by definite and proper arrangements according as circumstances will permit.

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