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A Tidbit of Easter Joy!

We want to share an interesting paragraph found in a sermon by Dr. C. F. W. Walther on the Resurrection Gospel, Mark 16:1-8.  It is taken from Walther’s Brosamen (crumbs) and can also be found in the book put out by our Evangelical Lutheran Synod, The Word of His Grace, 1978.

“Dear Friends, don’t be satisfied with just wondering at the greatness of the Easter gift and with a mere passing joy in it.  It really will not benefit you at all to believe only in general that God the Father has already absolved the whole world in the risen Christ if you do not let yourself be brought to the faith that also you personally have been absolved more than 1800 [or about 2000] years ago.  Every one of us must learn to say from the heart:  I, too, am absolved.  The forgiveness of sins is mine.  God has declared me free from all my guilt.  The little words, ‘I,’ ‘me,’ and ‘mine’ are the words upon which everything depends here.  Though you do not want to deny that the Risen One has brought forgiveness from the grave for His unfaithful disciples and even for Peter the denier, yes, for all men, yet your faith also is in vain if in faith you d not add:  And, praise God!  There is forgiveness also for me!”

May God grant you much more than a tidbit of joy over what Christ’s resurrection means for you and me and for the world!


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