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Honor Choir

Lutheran Honor Choir Camp is five days of immersive study and performance in our rich Lutheran Musical Heritage for high school youth.

The Best in Lutheran Choral Music

Join us for the premiere high school choral camp for confessional Lutherans, conducted by the honor choir camp founder, Rev. Prof. Dennis Marzolf. He is joined by accompanist Rev. Prof. March DeGarmeaux, and handbell director Prof. David Paulson. The Lutheran Youth Honor Choir plans to sing and ring throughout the ELS Synod Convention.

This wonderful event includes collaboration with current and alumni members of the Bethany Concert Choir. Don’t miss this opportunity to study great music and learn from the best!

For the Formation of Christian Culture & the Expression of the Noble, Pure, & Beautiful

Honor choir echos a goal of the sainted Dr. S. C. Ylvisaker, for whom the fine arts center at Bethany Lutheran College is named. Ylvisaker wanted “young men and young women [to be encouraged] to study and appreciate what is noble and pure and beautiful…exercised in habits of Christian culture…learn to express through the medium of song or other forms of art that which is beautiful and noble….and in general develop that sense and spirit of refinement which enriches our whole life.” (BLC Bulletin, April 1941)

Honor Choir is more than just singing, but is for the formation of Christian Culture and the Expression of the noble, pure, and beautiful.

Cost per student is $225.

View 2017’s Honor Choir Concert or 2021’s Heritage of Hymns Concert featuring alumni members of the Concert Choir for a preview at the beautiful and God-pleasing music performed at Honor Choir.

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