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The Evangelical Lutheran Synod’s Center for Apologetics and Worldviews presents evidence for the truth of Christianity, critiques worldviews that oppose Christianity, fortifies believers with a proper interpretation of Holy Scripture, and engages unbelievers in conversations leading toward the Gospel proclamation of forgiveness in Christ.

“Apologetics” comes from a Greek term meaning “make a defense,” for example, to prove something in a court of law by presenting evidence. The New Testament applies the term to the apostles’ proclamation of the Gospel (Luke 12:11, 1 Peter 3:15). The apostles provided eyewitness testimony (Acts 1:8,21–22) concerning the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. They also demonstrated with well-reasoned arguments (Acts 17:2,17; 18:4) that Jesus of Nazareth was the fulfillment of the Messianic prophecies of the Old Testament.

Christian apologetics began with the apostles, and it has continued throughout church history. In the second century, Justin Martyr prepared two “Apologies” for defending the Christian faith before the Roman emperor. He provided both historical and philosophical arguments to protect Christians from false charges of impiety and to affirm the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christians today continue to demonstrate the truth of Christianity through apologetics.

Distinctive approaches to apologetics seek to winsomely communicate with varied audiences. For example, the ELS Doctrine Committee has outlined both a “broad” and a “narrow” definition of apologetics. “It is used in a narrow sense when referring to the presentation of rational arguments and historical evidence in defense of the truthfulness of Scripture against attacks, including the historicity of the events of the Old and New Testaments, especially the events of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In its broad sense, ‘apologetics’ includes the use of the law to show the folly of unbelief, and also the use of the gospel in giving the reason for Christian hope.”

Learn more about the center’s approach to apologetics and worldviews here.

For video archives of previous conferences and information concerning forthcoming conferences, visit the events page of the Center for Apologetics and Worldviews.

ELS Apologetics Conferences
  • “Biblical Identities in an Age of Wokism & Transhumanism” 2022 (click here for handouts and video archives)
  • “Race, Justice, Mercy, and Jesus Christ: A Biblical Worldview Conference Addressing Tough Questions with True Answers” 2021 (Click here for handouts and Video Archives)
  • “Why Does Moses Matter to Christians? Examining the Meeting Point of Ancient Inscriptions, Archaeological Discoveries, and the Hebrew Scriptures” 2020 (Click here for for PDF handouts and Video Archives)
  • “The Christian Church amid Seismic Shifts,” 2020 (Click here for PDF handouts and Video Archives)
  • “Making the Case for the Truth of the Bible: Bringing Jesus to My Unbelieving Neighbor,” 2019 (Click here  for PDF handouts and Video Archives.)
  • “A Reliable and Defensible Christianity for Today’s World: Equipping Christians to Defend and Share the Gospel,” 2018 (Click here for PDF handouts and Video Archives.)
ELS Resources
  • Bethany Lutheran College Apologetics Webpage
  • Doctrine Committee Apologetics Study Document, “Confess and Defend: ὁµολογία and ἀπολογία”
  • 6-Part Bible Study on Christian Apologetics:
    • Lesson 1: “Basic Principles for Christian Apologetics”
    • Lesson 2: “Acts chapter 2: Using Apolgetics in Mission Outreach”
    • Lesson 3: “Answering Objections to Christianity”
    • Lesson 4: “Does the Fossil Record Disprove Genesis?
    • Lesson 5: “The Problem of Evil”
    • Lesson 6: “Is the New Testament Reliable?”

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General Pastoral Conference Papers

Synod Convention Essays

  • Doyle Holbird, “My Help Comes From the Lord, the Maker of Heaven and Earth,” 2019 Synod Convention Essay.
Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary Resources

Lutheran Synod Quarterly Articles

Reformation Lectures, Hosted by Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary

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